1.3b6 Released!

SI 1.3b6 has been released. Here is the list of changes:

  • Map updates:

    • si_late: Lots of revisions!
    • si_hrim: A few small changes!
    • si_mill: Lots of revisions!
    • si_vestibule: A work-in-progress revision of si_alley
  • Research time changes:

    • Health regen 1 minute
    • Armor regen 1 minute
    • Tissue recycling 2 minutes
  • Scientist knockout and throw changes:

    • You can only knock out 1 scientist every 10 seconds
    • You can pick up and throw scientists (+attack2 with the briefcase) as often as you want
  • Zoom changes:

    • default_fov sets your regular FOV angle (e.g. 90 degrees)
    • zoom_fov sets your zoom FOV angle (e.g. 70 degrees)
    • Zooming is purely clientside
  • Crossbow refire time reduced to 0.75 seconds

    • Tracer effect removed
  • Many improvements to weapon switching delays

  • +use no longer slows down the player when pressed

  • FEV Secondary fire poison lasts 6 seconds (same as the adrenaline effect)

  • EMP can destroy teleport grenades. Teleport grenades cannot be killed otherwise.

  • Scientists thrown to the Administrator are captured automatically

  • Dead Scientists now use the player spawn times (4/3/2 seconds depending on Process tech)

  • Rocket Pistol barrel smoke effect removed

  • Fixed +attack being stuck on by the scoreboard

  • Added hud_saytext_volume to adjust the chat beep sound (1.0 is default, set to 0 for blissful silence)

  • Fixed lots of issues with the spectator view being broken

1.3b5 Changelog

  • Map updates:

    • si_bavaria: Made labs a bit easier to defend, improved the conveyer belts, lots of improvements to FPS
    • si_hrim: A very good new map by grome!
    • si_late: A different take on si_early, with changes to make gameplay faster and more interesting
  • Radios are brighter

  • EMP has a kill icon

  • LCS: dead players are shown with colorized names, instead of dead

  • Healthkits give 25 hp and Armor Batteries 25 armor

  • Mindray no longer reveals enemy research

  • Revised weapon switching:

    • If you hold +attack or +attack2 while selecting a weapon, you must release it before you can fire again
  • Fixed Superjump “head sliding”

  • Fixed Tau Cannon ‘wall bleeding’ on nukes

  • Tau Cannon can no longer shoot the sky

  • Disabled Ocular Implants.

  • Zoom is available by default, and there are no ranged damage upgrades.

  • Removed the saytext sound.

  • GI Destabilizer secondary fire pushes from lower

  • GI Destabilizer has instant deployment

  • Removed cl_effects_fev_cloud_density

  • Made consistency checking more strict: always checks all player and projectile models

  • Reduced FEV adrenaline time to 6 seconds

  • New cvars for weapon switching:

    • cl_altweapon_backup: set to 1 so you can equip an alt weapon without pushing +altweapon
    • cl_altweapon_cycling: set to 1 to enable cycling between a weapon and its alt without pushing +altweapon

Steam Group

Click here to visit the SI Steam Group.

Feel free to post on the forum about how much you love the game, or find out when the next pickup game will be played!

In the pickup games, we use Mumble for voice communication.


Click here to download SI.

SI is a Half-Life mod. You need Half-Life installed to play it.

Extract the archive to your Half-Life directory in Steam.

When the mod is installed, your folder structure should look like this:

├── htmlcache
├── platform
├── si
├── valve
├── valve_hd

A patch to test the nailgun is here


Here are some links to cool streams and videos of SI: